App Features that Produce More Customers for Your Business

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Android and iOS app builders and developers are helping businesses increase their revenue attracting more customers with creative features.

As people become more and more dependent on their mobile devices, mobile apps continue to evolve. Every time an effective feature is added to an app, the rest of the app industry quickly finds out. This allows app builders and developers to create apps that can enhance your business with tried and tested methods. Here are some features that can greatly enhance your bottom line.

Social Media Integration

Have you noticed how many people use their mobile devices to check into Facebook throughout the day? Or how many use Twitter or Instagram? An app should allow sharing of purchases and discounts on all of the popular social media. Social media is the most effective “word of mouth advertising” out there. Take advantage of it.

Feedback Mechanism

Let your customers give direct feedback to your business through your app. Your customers will respect you much more for it and feel like you care enough about them to put their needs first. It makes for a more user-friendly app.

In-App Purchases

Your customers should be able to purchase items within the app. This is especially good for restaurants, but really works for many businesses. If they can purchase at the website, why make them take an extra step?

App-Only Offers

If your business makes special offers only to those who download their app, it gives them incentive to download the app. This brings new customers and turns them into repeat customers. You win twice.

High-Quality User Experience

You want the app to be built and developed professionals. This ensures that if there are any glitches, they are quickly fixed. It also ensures a professional presentation and a great user experience. A great app will enhance and increase your business. Conversely, a bad app will drive customers away. Make sure your app is great.

Customer Loyalty Programs

We suggest some kind of program where each purchase gives the user “points” to use for future purchases. For example, a restaurant could give a free meal with each ten purchases. A retail outlet could award “dollars” for certain purchases. You can also run loyalty discount offers. Reward your customers for loyalty and they will reward you with more loyalty.


You might try building a game into your app. Games have a tendency to keep apps from being deleted. They also can bring the user back to your app on a regular basis. This produces multiple advertising impressions on a daily basis. And they are volunteering for those advertising impressions.

Offline Functions

If you can build an offline aspect into your app, it can be quite useful for the customer and profitable for you. For example, you could have product information loaded into the app.

Daily Tasks

If your product can be related to daily tasks and they can be incorporated into the app, it will keep your customer on your app every day, or at least more often than otherwise. For example, your gym could have an exercise plan or a meal plan to keep your customers healthy when they aren’t at the gym.

Local Features

Use location-based programs such as Foursquare or Yelp to keep the app in your customer’s consciousness. Provide alerts and special offers when they are located close to your place of business.


Don’t make your customers work hard to use your app. Don’t make them jump through hoops or give them anything too complicated. Make it fun and easy for your customers to contact you, order from you or just think about you.

Business-Specific Features

When you have an app professionally made a company such as Smarter Apps, there will be a lot of features that are specific to your business. If you are a retail outlet, for example, you can give alerts for sales. You can provide access to product information within the app. You can also have the app lead to your website for many things.

Restaurants can use their apps for things such as ordering or checking into line on a busy night. App-only specials are a great strategy, because they make those with the app feel like they are being paid special attention. It also provides incentive to download the app.

Ultimately, there are as many different features as there are apps. It depends on your specific needs. Call us at Smarter Apps today for a consultation. We are a dedicated and talented team of iOS and Android mobile app builders, developers and consultants.

Let’s build a great mobile app specifically for your business: 1300 650 253.

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