App Creation and Development Accounts for 144,000 Jobs in Australia

We recently posted an article entitled “Why Australia’s App Industry is Healthier than Those in the US and UK.” We would like to go behind the numbers a little bit more for this piece.

Background Info

The first smartphones were introduced in 2007, but they really “took off” in 2008. Immediately, an economy grew around creating, maintaining and marketing apps to provide benefits for smartphone users.

While employment in Australia has grown 8% since 2008, app economy jobs have grown 38%. Apple’s App Store alone has been estimated to have provided 70,000 jobs to Australia in that time, representing nearly half of the sector.

New South Wales is the “king” of the app economy in Australia, with approximately 77,000 app economy jobs originating in NSW. In fact, it was at the NSW Parliament House where Communications Minister Malcolm Turnbull MP unveiled the US-based report.

Salient Statistics

Do you know how many people the resources industry, seen by many as a “saviour” to our economy, directly employs in Australia? 69,000 people. Meanwhile, “direct” app economy jobs, which include those who design and develop apps and those who take them to market, currently number approximately 47,000 and the app industry accounts for 144,000 total jobs.

App Sector Jobs

Atlassian, a firm that was founded in Sydney in 2002, has moved to the US. They currently employ 1,000 people on a global basis and plan to hire 700 more in 2015, with approximately “one-third” of those jobs going to Australians. Commonwealth Bank of Australia is now committed to what they call “user-friendly apps” for customer service.

What About Your App?

While major corporations account for a lot of app economy jobs, smaller entrepreneurs also account for a large portion of the app economy. There is no better time than now and no better place than Australia for a mobile app developer to “make it.” Call 1300 650 253.


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