Android on the Up and Up

Android app development professionals were not surprised by the results of a recent market analysis concerning smartphone usage. According to a report by a firm called Strategy Analytics, Android smartphones accounted for nearly 85% of worldwide smartphone shipments for the June 2014 quarter.

But what do the numbers really mean? More importantly, what do they mean to a mobile app developer who is trying to crack the market? Let’s look at a few other numbers for context.

Usage and Revenue

Currently, Apple’s market share is only 11.4%, while Windows Phone is at 2.7% and Blackberry is at 0.6%. That leaves 85.3% for Android. While this would look like a landslide “victory” for Android, the story is different when usage is taken into consideration.

Apple, even with its smaller share, tends to have more usage than Android and their apps make more money than those from Android due to demographics. Apple tends to dominate the market demographic that includes users in highly-developed countries with above average incomes. Android dominates everywhere else.

For the first time in their short history, Android has finally overtaken Apple in the usage category, with 44.62% of device usage on the Android platform and 43.65% on iOS. Apple plans to fight for their market share by releasing iPhones with larger screens in time for Christmas.

What it Means to the Mobile App Developer

We still love both Apple and Android apps. Either can turn a tidy profit and most popular apps end up with a version for both platforms. In developing countries, Android is the undisputed king. In most English-speaking countries and in Europe, Apple still has a lot of clout.

Do some deeper research yourself. Find a niche, find a problem and solve it for them with an app. Are they more likely to have Android or iOS smartphones? Android is the most popular platform right now, but you can’t ignore iOS.

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